The house of varadero

Cuban resort, Varadero
There are many pretty buildings I’ve never seen before.
I understand what store at a glance it is
Becoming a specialty of Varadero



The city of Vienna can not talk without him
Wacky architecture that suddenly appear in the elegant streets
It is not vulgar
Over time, the building was wearing a nature
Further harmony to the city


The house of Quebec

House in Quebec is unique
Everyone is enjoying the architecture
Here is a treasure trove of architecture


Designmuseum Denmark

Not only the Danish crafts, there is also a Japanese and Chinese crafts.
You can also direct the feelings to again see their own crafts

Exhibition also great
While also cherish the old ones and new ones
Danish crafts will continue in the future

【Designmuseum Denmark】
Bredgade 68, Copenhagen 1260, Denmark



While tracing the checkered history
The building, which continue to attract people
Be loved also by everyone

Sultanahmet Mh, Ayasofya Meydanı, Fatih/İstanbul Turky


Anping tree house

Buildings rotted away over the years
A plant grows up by the power of the animal and the wind.
That’s making the shape now
Architecture that still continues to grow even now
It has asked something to do with architecture


La Casa Rosada

Called the Pink House
Cute building
When I heard’This is Cheong Wa Dae’
sooooo surprised
“Let’s become brighter from the government.”
I seem to hear the enthusiasm of such government


Riad of Morocco

Let’s go to Riyadh if I went to Morocco!
There is courtyard in Riad
Dancing sand
Leaving the hustle and bustle
If you pass through a gate of Riad
There is another world apart
You can experience the time of chilly peace
This is like the oasis in the desert
Just because Riyadh previously was a mansion
it is very difficult to find
I’ll have water rather much and look for an oasis



Lawn sparkling appreciably fluorescent green
Building of soft colors shine in the lawn
In contrast, the rugged and expressionless stone fence with it

Fortress is in the shape of a star
I find out that it’s the shape of the star
when it’s judged from a map
I don’t find out that I’m walking

I thought of pigeon enviably at such time.

Center of Churchill Park, Copenhagen, Denmark


Bellevue Teatret

This theater is next to restaurant Jacobsen
A sign of the pretty character is conspicuous in the building
where the white was made the basis

The person who did the dandyism from the inside has appeared

It’s activity even now

It’s appreciated at Bellevue Theater.
It’s have tea at restaurant Jacobsen.
It’s stroll through Bellevue beach.
It’s return to a wrasse vista

The actuality which looks like a dream
I’ll call here heaven

【Bellevue Teatret】
Strandvejen 451, 2930 Klampenborg, Kobenhavn, Denmark