Go Hotel Shnelli

Hotel railway-related companies are management
There is a little outside of the old town
That’s Go Hotel Shnelli

Rail design
Such as a table reminiscent of train compartments
There is a lot of railway design
Visible to the night lights of the old town
It invites journey emotion

【Go Hotel Shnelli】
Toompuiestee 37 Tallinn, 10133 Estonia


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Sunny early summer day
If It take a Breakfast,
Summer terrace where is in front of the hotel is nice

Pour coffee in ARABIA’s cup
and sit down on a sofa comfortably
It begins a nice day

Come on, where to go today?

【Radisson Blu Royal Hotel】
Runeberginkatu 2 Eteläinen Suurpiiri Helsinki Finland


Riad of Morocco

Let’s go to Riyadh if I went to Morocco!
There is courtyard in Riad
Dancing sand
Leaving the hustle and bustle
If you pass through a gate of Riad
There is another world apart
You can experience the time of chilly peace
This is like the oasis in the desert
Just because Riyadh previously was a mansion
it is very difficult to find
I’ll have water rather much and look for an oasis


Royal Library

Black diamond brilliant in Copenhagen
This is the library
Its surprise is increased further if come inside

Unlike the modern appearance
Interior is antique style
And fine wooden bookshelf
The spine of the beautiful books like enchanting

This is the museum rather than a library
Want something to talk
But here is Library
It has to be quiet

【Royal Library】
Soeren kierkegaards Plads 1, 1221 Copenhagen


Traditional wall in Chios

The traditional wall in Chios island
is very fashionable
The geometric pattern which shaved
a wall and was made
The decorate sometimes represent
-what kind of store
The church is no exception
it has been painted in beautiful decoration


Cuadra San Cristobal

Cuadra San Cristóbal is in one hour a little
drive away from Mexico City

Torres de Satélite
Fuente El Bebedero
Fuente de los Amantes

Through the road of Barragan architecture
Reach the Cuadra San Cristóbal

Distance from Mexico City
Reservations are required
Such as, a high hurdle to go

It is worth jump over a hurdle
It has kept the horse even now
White house looks good in pink wall


Hlavne namestie

I do not know whether
it is Slovakia or Slovenia
Where is it?
Seem to hear is such a voice

But here is
There is a lot good point

This is a great city

Bicycle storage is also fashionable!



It is 30 minutes by car from the center of Buenos Aires

Suddenly appear colorful cityscape
Tango music of sound on the road
It drifts cheerful and bright atmosphere

It is said that Caminito is poor public security
Even while watching the tango, Please fully beware



Walt Disney Concert Hall

It suddenly appears on the streets of LA
Overlap of a silver curved line

Organically like a creatures
Likely to move from here

This was designed by Frank Gehry

The one and only him design
Start moving
and growing in many parts of the world



Fineness of decoration
A variety of Arabic tile
It is the Islamic architecture in Spain

Building of a miracle
I want to call so

If you go here
Please go both day and night
It meet a completely different Alhambra