Restrant Werner

Writers and poets, musicians
Renowned artists was gathered here

The lights dropped the brightnes
and comfortable chairs
The space comfortable to chatter

While looking at a picture on the wall
and drink cafe latte of a soft bubble
A creative brain begins to work

【Restrant Werner】
Ulikooli 11, Tartu, Estonia


Olde Hansa

In Modern Estonia
The food culture pass down Scandinavia and Europe
It became Estonia own thing

Old Hansa can taste the cuisine of the Middle Ages aristocracy

Staff who dressed in medieval costume
Table that was lit by candles only
All of them boost the mood

It spread to the entire Tallinn
It has become the atmosphere of Tallinn itself

Of the Middle Ages and modern cuisine is completely different
Please try to feel a taste of the history of Estonia food!

【Olde Hansa】
Vana Turg 1, Tallinn 10140, Estonia