Alawai Canal

When the morning sun passes the diamond head
And dyes the clouds in pink
A gentle canal without waves also stains pink


The house of varadero

Cuban resort, Varadero
There are many pretty buildings I’ve never seen before.
I understand what store at a glance it is
Becoming a specialty of Varadero



Small leaves are browned one by one
Red, yellow, orange
Cover the entire mountain
It makes a big autumn leaves



The city of Vienna can not talk without him
Wacky architecture that suddenly appear in the elegant streets
It is not vulgar
Over time, the building was wearing a nature
Further harmony to the city



Come to a good smell from here and there
Delicious just walking
If  you eat Lyon’s food
Also become want to visit
It is a fascinating town


The house of Quebec

House in Quebec is unique
Everyone is enjoying the architecture
Here is a treasure trove of architecture


Seven star beach

Strong wind blows coast
The color of wave is  turquoise blue
Beach is not a sand ,just stones
Stones are being tossed about by the waves
Gently and round

This is Seven star beach

【Seven star beach】
Hai’an Rd, Xincheng Township, Hualien County, Taiwan


Designmuseum Denmark

Not only the Danish crafts, there is also a Japanese and Chinese crafts.
You can also direct the feelings to again see their own crafts

Exhibition also great
While also cherish the old ones and new ones
Danish crafts will continue in the future

【Designmuseum Denmark】
Bredgade 68, Copenhagen 1260, Denmark


Ostermalm Saluhall

A lot of shops Östermalm district of Stockholm

There is a high degree of expertise shops
It appropriate location to be called market

There is also a eat-in space
It can enjoy tourists,not only the local people

【Ostermalm Saluhall】
Östermalmstorg 114 39 Stockholm


While tracing the checkered history
The building, which continue to attract people
Be loved also by everyone

Sultanahmet Mh, Ayasofya Meydanı, Fatih/İstanbul Turky



Rotterdam is one city in the Nederland
Here lives many young people
Therefore,It is a city where there is lively

Especially around the harbor have boiled to the construction boom, it is likely to continue to grow in the future

Are many unique buildings in Rotterdam
It is a city that meet a fun building