La Casa Rosada

Called the Pink House
Cute building
When I heard’This is Cheong Wa Dae’
sooooo surprised
“Let’s become brighter from the government.”
I seem to hear the enthusiasm of such government



It is 30 minutes by car from the center of Buenos Aires

Suddenly appear colorful cityscape
Tango music of sound on the road
It drifts cheerful and bright atmosphere

It is said that Caminito is poor public security
Even while watching the tango, Please fully beware



Iguazu Falls

We ride trolley for go to Iguazu Falls

It can see several kind animals that never seen
It is possible to also enjoy as a safari park

Waterfall flows to the bottom down
And it will come falling become a splash
from the top
When there is near the basin
Not able to hear someone’s voice

It amazing place where it can feel
the greatness of the Earth