The house of varadero

Cuban resort, Varadero
There are many pretty buildings I’ve never seen before.
I understand what store at a glance it is
Becoming a specialty of Varadero


The cat of Havana

In Cuba,There are a lot of dogs than cats
Among them sometimes meet a cat
At the town where a dog is loved,
no concern of mine
Cat is blowin in the wind of Cuba
at own pace



Energetic Havana
I went to Varadero for attempted to lower the heat

See the sparkling blue sea here and there
from the bus window

Every time I approach to Varadero
expectation was rising

Varadero is THE Resort
It is dotted with all-inclusive hotels

Mojito on the beach during the day
Dancing with Cuban music in the evening

After all, the heat did not cool to leave Cuba