Traditional wall in Chios

The traditional wall in Chios island
is very fashionable
The geometric pattern which shaved
a wall and was made
The decorate sometimes represent
-what kind of store
The church is no exception
it has been painted in beautiful decoration


The cat of Mykonos

White wall
Blue painted door like the sea
Myconos represents the paradise of summer
The cat who lives on the island

He find the shadow of cheir and take a nap
He was enjoying paradise☆


Myrtos beach

Located in Kefalonia
It is it’s beautiful Myrtos Beach

If down the tight hill from the bus stop
It appears there like a reward

A wave of milky blue and enters the sea
Wave surges  from the next to the next

While go back to city
Of course tight hill is waiting
But looking back beach,It can meet in this blue