Rotterdam is one city in the Nederland
Here lives many young people
Therefore,It is a city where there is lively

Especially around the harbor have boiled to the construction boom, it is likely to continue to grow in the future

Are many unique buildings in Rotterdam
It is a city that meet a fun building


Gouda Cheese

When I went to Utrecht,I passed Gouda station

I didn’t know that Gouda is name of city
I knew Gouda as just Cheese’s name

At a restaurant in Rotterdam near Gouda
We can eat Gouda cheese luxuriously

Gouda cheese
and Honey

The simple dish which just sandwiched between focaccia
We can taste 100% Gouda cheese


The cat of Utrecht

“A cat sleeping”the boy said
Even if There is a glass,
a cat feels boy’s eyes
A cat hiding a face and keeps sleeping
A boy was seeing forever while smiling