Seven star beach

Strong wind blows coast
The color of wave is  turquoise blue
Beach is not a sand ,just stones
Stones are being tossed about by the waves
Gently and round

This is Seven star beach

【Seven star beach】
Hai’an Rd, Xincheng Township, Hualien County, Taiwan


Anping tree house

Buildings rotted away over the years
A plant grows up by the power of the animal and the wind.
That’s making the shape now
Architecture that still continues to grow even now
It has asked something to do with architecture


Kaohsiung Qijinlundu

About 20 minutes ride on the ferry
There is a place to further enhance the travel mood in Kaohsiung of Taiwan
There is a different atmosphere with Kaohsiung
It have the atmosphere in the tropics
It must go there


The cat of Jiufen

Red lanterns decorate the town
Nostalgic Jiufen
Night looks good here

Away from main road
Immediately becomes the gloom of
the residential area

The cat had quietly in such a residential area
The camera can not be captured for too darkness
Without moving quietly
The cat let me take a photograph