The cat of Mykonos

White wall
Blue painted door like the sea
Myconos represents the paradise of summer
The cat who lives on the island

He find the shadow of cheir and take a nap
He was enjoying paradise☆


Sky museum

Clouds shining in rainbow colors

An island under the eyes
can be seen just slightly
What a beautiful planet Earth



It is 30 minutes by car from the center of Buenos Aires

Suddenly appear colorful cityscape
Tango music of sound on the road
It drifts cheerful and bright atmosphere

It is said that Caminito is poor public security
Even while watching the tango, Please fully beware



Iguazu Falls

We ride trolley for go to Iguazu Falls

It can see several kind animals that never seen
It is possible to also enjoy as a safari park

Waterfall flows to the bottom down
And it will come falling become a splash
from the top
When there is near the basin
Not able to hear someone’s voice

It amazing place where it can feel
the greatness of the Earth



The cat of Bruges

Fairy tale city of Bruges

Window,wall and door
It is painted in orner’s favorite color

But this elegant cat walked around the city
It does not go out such a beautiful cat in Japan

This cat has made the dignity of the city


Sky museum

Silver and blue
Orange and gold

The color shows only upper sky


Walt Disney Concert Hall

It suddenly appears on the streets of LA
Overlap of a silver curved line

Organically like a creatures
Likely to move from here

This was designed by Frank Gehry

The one and only him design
Start moving
and growing in many parts of the world



Energetic Havana
I went to Varadero for attempted to lower the heat

See the sparkling blue sea here and there
from the bus window

Every time I approach to Varadero
expectation was rising

Varadero is THE Resort
It is dotted with all-inclusive hotels

Mojito on the beach during the day
Dancing with Cuban music in the evening

After all, the heat did not cool to leave Cuba


The cat of Jiufen

Red lanterns decorate the town
Nostalgic Jiufen
Night looks good here

Away from main road
Immediately becomes the gloom of
the residential area

The cat had quietly in such a residential area
The camera can not be captured for too darkness
Without moving quietly
The cat let me take a photograph


Sky museum

Color with a name
No name color

Like a color swatch
It delivers a variety of colors

There is only the sky color


Myrtos beach

Located in Kefalonia
It is it’s beautiful Myrtos Beach

If down the tight hill from the bus stop
It appears there like a reward

A wave of milky blue and enters the sea
Wave surges  from the next to the next

While go back to city
Of course tight hill is waiting
But looking back beach,It can meet in this blue



Fineness of decoration
A variety of Arabic tile
It is the Islamic architecture in Spain

Building of a miracle
I want to call so

If you go here
Please go both day and night
It meet a completely different Alhambra