The cat of Morocco

On top of the bag attached to the cart
When the wind blows
A little swaying feel
It was like hammock

It seems pleasant



Why is the feel nostalgic even though the first time
This feeling becomes stronger when especially at dusk
If you walk slowly sandy beach
Come memory is revived
People who are walking next door
It might be my those days


Riad of Morocco

Let’s go to Riyadh if I went to Morocco!
There is courtyard in Riad
Dancing sand
Leaving the hustle and bustle
If you pass through a gate of Riad
There is another world apart
You can experience the time of chilly peace
This is like the oasis in the desert
Just because Riyadh previously was a mansion
it is very difficult to find
I’ll have water rather much and look for an oasis


Sky museum

Across the cloud
Upper the sky and under the sky
Like another world


The cat of Meteora

The cat lives in the forest
The cat which doesn’t know a person intimidated
I wanna say
“Do not need to fear the people”
I’d like to help to take the leaf which sticks to a cheek


Olde Hansa

In Modern Estonia
The food culture pass down Scandinavia and Europe
It became Estonia own thing

Old Hansa can taste the cuisine of the Middle Ages aristocracy

Staff who dressed in medieval costume
Table that was lit by candles only
All of them boost the mood

It spread to the entire Tallinn
It has become the atmosphere of Tallinn itself

Of the Middle Ages and modern cuisine is completely different
Please try to feel a taste of the history of Estonia food!

【Olde Hansa】
Vana Turg 1, Tallinn 10140, Estonia



Lawn sparkling appreciably fluorescent green
Building of soft colors shine in the lawn
In contrast, the rugged and expressionless stone fence with it

Fortress is in the shape of a star
I find out that it’s the shape of the star
when it’s judged from a map
I don’t find out that I’m walking

I thought of pigeon enviably at such time.

Center of Churchill Park, Copenhagen, Denmark


Sky museum

The orange setting sun
Dyed the land in darkness

That makes a sea surfaced clearly
The land will regain green with tomorrow’s sun


The cat of Mashiko

In front of the entrance
Waiting for the owner
And tired of waiting
Sleep a little


Sunny beach

There were no images that there is a sea in Bulgaria
But the Black Sea coast had Beach Resort
Sunny Beach
As its name suggests
The sun is poured brilliantly
It Bulgaria’s premier resort


Bellevue Teatret

This theater is next to restaurant Jacobsen
A sign of the pretty character is conspicuous in the building
where the white was made the basis

The person who did the dandyism from the inside has appeared

It’s activity even now

It’s appreciated at Bellevue Theater.
It’s have tea at restaurant Jacobsen.
It’s stroll through Bellevue beach.
It’s return to a wrasse vista

The actuality which looks like a dream
I’ll call here heaven

【Bellevue Teatret】
Strandvejen 451, 2930 Klampenborg, Kobenhavn, Denmark


Sky museum

As of swaying accessories
Glittering and sparkling
Jewelry of the sky