The house of varadero

Cuban resort, Varadero
There are many pretty buildings I’ve never seen before.
I understand what store at a glance it is
Becoming a specialty of Varadero



Rotterdam is one city in the Nederland
Here lives many young people
Therefore,It is a city where there is lively

Especially around the harbor have boiled to the construction boom, it is likely to continue to grow in the future

Are many unique buildings in Rotterdam
It is a city that meet a fun building


Church of Our Saviour

Church of Our Saviour is towering in the city of Copenhagen

Go up the narrow stairs
There is no elevator

Top is made diagonally floor toward the outside

If and stumbled, falls
Such fear
City of superb view at the same obtained in exchange
Fear is sublime with time
Become memories just wonderful scenery

【Church of Our Saviour】
Skt Annae Gade 29, Copenhagen 1416, Denmark


Go Hotel Shnelli

Hotel railway-related companies are management
There is a little outside of the old town
That’s Go Hotel Shnelli

Rail design
Such as a table reminiscent of train compartments
There is a lot of railway design
Visible to the night lights of the old town
It invites journey emotion

【Go Hotel Shnelli】
Toompuiestee 37 Tallinn, 10133 Estonia



Lawn sparkling appreciably fluorescent green
Building of soft colors shine in the lawn
In contrast, the rugged and expressionless stone fence with it

Fortress is in the shape of a star
I find out that it’s the shape of the star
when it’s judged from a map
I don’t find out that I’m walking

I thought of pigeon enviably at such time.

Center of Churchill Park, Copenhagen, Denmark


Bellevue Teatret

This theater is next to restaurant Jacobsen
A sign of the pretty character is conspicuous in the building
where the white was made the basis

The person who did the dandyism from the inside has appeared

It’s activity even now

It’s appreciated at Bellevue Theater.
It’s have tea at restaurant Jacobsen.
It’s stroll through Bellevue beach.
It’s return to a wrasse vista

The actuality which looks like a dream
I’ll call here heaven

【Bellevue Teatret】
Strandvejen 451, 2930 Klampenborg, Kobenhavn, Denmark



Next to the Bellavista
Honey-colored brick
Building of triangle roof is Soholm

Jacobsen lived here
People who play in the Belle View Beach

He was looking at the people who live in Bellavista and Soholm
sitting in a chair that produced their own

He is now also waiting for people here
It is wrapped in such warmth

Strandvejen 338 Klampenborg,Danmark


Tartu of Estonia

Tartu is in the location of the two and a half hours from Tallinn

Clouds floating in the plains as far as the eye can see

Chimney, which was occupied in the stork’s nest
It is idyllic landscape

Modern architecture
House of wooden

Old woman selling flowers under a parasol
Young people gather in shopping mall

Show a completely different color with the capital Tallinn

Estonia has a deep back


St. Peter’s Cathedral

The architecture is breathtaking

Stained glass shining bathed in sun
Different from those often seen

It does not have painted religious story

I gazed and gazed
It makes me think that want to stay be there

This is warm place that like beginning of the religion

【St. Peter’s Cathedral】
Sandstrasse 10 – 12, 28195 Bremen, Germany


Royal Library

Black diamond brilliant in Copenhagen
This is the library
Its surprise is increased further if come inside

Unlike the modern appearance
Interior is antique style
And fine wooden bookshelf
The spine of the beautiful books like enchanting

This is the museum rather than a library
Want something to talk
But here is Library
It has to be quiet

【Royal Library】
Soeren kierkegaards Plads 1, 1221 Copenhagen



The Imperial guards who was wearing a hat fluffy
He matchs honey color the palace

 He a distance of about 100 meters to regularly patrol like a toy soldier to every 5 minutes

The guard is cool for has pride comes out
I can not leave the eye from him

Amalienborg Slotsplads, Copenhagen 1015, Denmark