Church of Our Saviour

Church of Our Saviour is towering in the city of Copenhagen

Go up the narrow stairs
There is no elevator

Top is made diagonally floor toward the outside

If and stumbled, falls
Such fear
City of superb view at the same obtained in exchange
Fear is sublime with time
Become memories just wonderful scenery

【Church of Our Saviour】
Skt Annae Gade 29, Copenhagen 1416, Denmark


St. Peter’s Cathedral

The architecture is breathtaking

Stained glass shining bathed in sun
Different from those often seen

It does not have painted religious story

I gazed and gazed
It makes me think that want to stay be there

This is warm place that like beginning of the religion

【St. Peter’s Cathedral】
Sandstrasse 10 – 12, 28195 Bremen, Germany


Temppeliaukio church

It suddenly appears in the city of Helsinki
Dome that looks just a little bit on the rocks
At first glance as not notice the church
It is artistic

Glass is stretched diagonally to the high high ceilings
Light pours beautifully to the whole church
The air in the soft
You can have a taste of strange feeling to bask in something

If you have time,please go to hill behind

Not only can be seen up close the dome
You might meet the angels