Designmuseum Denmark

Not only the Danish crafts, there is also a Japanese and Chinese crafts.
You can also direct the feelings to again see their own crafts

Exhibition also great
While also cherish the old ones and new ones
Danish crafts will continue in the future

【Designmuseum Denmark】
Bredgade 68, Copenhagen 1260, Denmark


Church of Our Saviour

Church of Our Saviour is towering in the city of Copenhagen

Go up the narrow stairs
There is no elevator

Top is made diagonally floor toward the outside

If and stumbled, falls
Such fear
City of superb view at the same obtained in exchange
Fear is sublime with time
Become memories just wonderful scenery

【Church of Our Saviour】
Skt Annae Gade 29, Copenhagen 1416, Denmark


The design city Copenhagen

This is a word that represents the Copenhagen
All of the scenery is correct answer

Without going to the attractions in various places
There is a splendor

Chair of Jacobsen was born in this country
The history of the correct answer might have started from here


Tivoli Gardens

If the ball lands the Copenhagen Central Station
There is Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens is a Copenhagen symbol

Show in the square
Friendly atmosphere that is differentfrom the other theme parks
Very pleasant

Daytime course fun

Light-up buildings and vehicles
Do not miss the night shine beautifully in bright night sky