Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Sunny early summer day
If It take a Breakfast,
Summer terrace where is in front of the hotel is nice

Pour coffee in ARABIA’s cup
and sit down on a sofa comfortably
It begins a nice day

Come on, where to go today?

【Radisson Blu Royal Hotel】
Runeberginkatu 2 Eteläinen Suurpiiri Helsinki Finland



Early summer light of Helsinki is exceptional
The light was not given to during the winter
It is given specially in early summer

So beautiful

Body receives blessings much.

They do not hog it
Share all of grace with everyone
That feeling is making the Helsinki


Temppeliaukio church

It suddenly appears in the city of Helsinki
Dome that looks just a little bit on the rocks
At first glance as not notice the church
It is artistic

Glass is stretched diagonally to the high high ceilings
Light pours beautifully to the whole church
The air in the soft
You can have a taste of strange feeling to bask in something

If you have time,please go to hill behind

Not only can be seen up close the dome
You might meet the angels