Ostermalm Saluhall

A lot of shops Östermalm district of Stockholm

There is a high degree of expertise shops
It appropriate location to be called market

There is also a eat-in space
It can enjoy tourists,not only the local people

【Ostermalm Saluhall】
Östermalmstorg 114 39 Stockholm

HotDog of Bremen

Bremen of hot dog is not a hot dog
There is only intended to have because the bread
There instead sausage is also three times 2 times

Surprise to size
Surprised to taste

It has created this handy gourmet
Germans are a genius


Gouda Cheese

When I went to Utrecht,I passed Gouda station

I didn’t know that Gouda is name of city
I knew Gouda as just Cheese’s name

At a restaurant in Rotterdam near Gouda
We can eat Gouda cheese luxuriously

Gouda cheese
and Honey

The simple dish which just sandwiched between focaccia
We can taste 100% Gouda cheese


Matilda cocoa

Why so cute??
Hair was tied off to the two
Big and round eyes

When I met with you
I seems that I met in the longing of idle

Too sweet for me, also will choose you

See you again in Denmark