Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Sunny early summer day
If It take a Breakfast,
Summer terrace where is in front of the hotel is nice

Pour coffee in ARABIA’s cup
and sit down on a sofa comfortably
It begins a nice day

Come on, where to go today?

【Radisson Blu Royal Hotel】
Runeberginkatu 2 Eteläinen Suurpiiri Helsinki Finland


Birger Jarl

The room that has been produced by
a variety of designers of Sweden

It has a different design by room
Therefore, it gives me a new discovery
also visited many times

Furniture and glass that have been placed
It comes through commitment to all

There is such sundries shop and interior shops are nearby
Is the perfect hotel in Scandinavian design Tour

【Birger Jarl】
Tulegatan 8, Stockholm Sweden